Imagem de: Need for Speed Most Wanted ganha reimaginação surreal na Unreal Engine 5

O Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted was released there in 2005 and captivated many fans, becoming one of the favorites of the franchise for many gamers out there, which in addition to incredible gameplay with police chases, also had an awesome soundtrack! And who wouldn’t love to see a remake with updated graphics?

With that in mind, the YouTube channel TeaserPlay created a reimagining of the racing title using the Unreal Engine 5check it out below:

In addition to this demo, the channel has already made other reimaginings with incredible graphics using the EU, such as some Rockstar classics (GTA V): bully and red dead revolverwhich are well worth checking out.

So, what did you think of this reimagining of Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted in Unreal Engine 5? Tell us on Twitter or Facebook from voxel!

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