Review with Spoilers |  'Sandman' is an explosive and touching journey into what it means to be human

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Neil Gaiman revealed to have sabotaged the adaptation of ‘sandman‘, which was originally being developed in a feature-length format.

The author declared that the screenplay of the shelved adaptation was one of the worst screenplays he has ever read in his life.

“I leaked the script anonymously to Ain’t It Cool News. And they wrote an article saying it was the worst script they’ve ever received. And then the development of the adaptation stopped.”

He adds, “A guy from the [roteirista] Jon Peters called me and asked if I had read the script. I replied, ‘Yes, I’ve read it. I haven’t read everything, but I’ve read enough.’ I said there was nothing in the script that I loved. There was nothing I liked. It wasn’t just the worst script I’ve ever read based on ‘Sandman’, it was the worst script I’ve ever read in my life.”

The project was in development for years, with different scripts that were eventually scrapped. The rights were eventually sold to Netflix, which recently released the critically acclaimed series based on the comics.

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Dream of a Thousand Cats‘ is driven by Hisko Hulsingwho is known for his work on the lauded series ‘undone‘.

‘calyope‘ was in charge of Louise Hooperwho directed the final episode of the adaptation, titled ‘lost hearts‘, and has also worked on ‘The Witcher‘.

Both episodes feature the series’ protagonist, Tom Sturridge, like Morpheus.

The guest voice cast for ‘Dream of a Thousand Cats‘ includes Sandra Oh like The Prophet, Rosie Day like Spotted Kitty, David Gyasi like the Gray Cat, Joe Lycett like the Black Cat and Neil Gaiman like the crow.

“We strive to make the animated version of ‘A Dream of a Thousand Cats‘ as mesmerizing and hypnotic as possible, utilizing the magic of real oil paintings on canvas,” says Hulsing in a press release. “We’ve combined the paintings with classically drawn 2D animation based on realistic 3D animation of telepathic cats to create a travel world that feels both realistic and dreamy. Untold Studios in London created the breathtaking 3D animation of cats. The wonderful 2D animation, oil paintings and stylization were done in Submarine Studios in Amsterdam.”

Already ‘calliope‘ tells the story of a muse, lived by Melissanthi Mahutwhich has a complicated history with Morpheus.

In addition to Mahutthe cast brings Arthur Darvill like Richard Madoc, Nina Wadia as Mother of Destiny, Souad Faress as Elder of Fate, Dinita Gohil like Maiden of Fate, Kevin Harvey like Larry, Amita Suman like Nora and Derek Jacobi like Erasmus Fry.

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