Netflix CANCELS series and leaves fans and showrunner furious;  Check out the reactions!

The Vampire Series’First death‘ (First Kill) was canceled by Netflix in less than two months after the premiere, totaling a single season.

Set in a world of monster hunters, the plot follows a teenage vampire named Juliette (Sarah Catherine Hook), who ends up falling in love with a vampire hunter, the beautiful Calliope (Imani Lewis).

During an interview with the Daily Beast, the showrunner Felicia D. Henderson said that the cancellation was the fault of the streaming platform’s bad marketing, which was negligent in classifying the attraction as a simple lesbian vampire series and nothing more…

“I went into this project with such enthusiasm because there was so much to explore… Strong female leadership, supernatural intrigue, an epic Shakespearean battle between warring families and the dramas of adolescence. Furthermore, highlighting a black family in a genre like this is something that black viewers want and also encourages the audience to support representation.”

She continued:

“The posters produced were beautiful. But I thought [o romance gay] it was just one of the elements that would be explored in marketing, but they only focused on that. There were so many equally compelling and important elements in the series. Monsters versus monster hunters, the battle between two powerful matriarchs, etc. But the series was never promoted as it should have been.”

Enjoy watching:

First death‘ was even a moderate success for the Netflixdebuting in 3rd place among the TOP 10 of the catalog in the first week of exhibition, behind only ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘Peaky Blinders‘.

On the internet, fans were revolted by the streaming:

Unfortunately, the production ended with an open plot, with hooks that will never be resolved.

Remember the trailer:

When it’s time for teenage vampire Juliette (Sarah Catherine Hook) kill for the first time so she can earn her place in a family of powerful vampires, she sets her eyes on a new girl in town, Calliope (Imani Lewis). But to Juliette’s surprise, Calliope is a vampire hunter from a renowned family of hunters.

The cast still has Elizabeth Mitchell, Aubin Wise, Jason Robert Moore, Gracie Dzienny, Will Swenson, Phillip Mullings Jr., Dominic Goodman, Dylan McNamara, MK xyz, Jonas Dylan Allen and Roberto Mendez.

Felicia D. Henderson (‘The Quad’) is the showrunner for the series.

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