Netflix Review |  Echoes: Michelle Monaghan Stars in Psychological Thriller from the Creator of 13 Reasons Why

Two families, two parallel lives and a completely fragmented reality. the miniseries echoes turns an old social curiosity into a huge and catastrophic spiral of events, which challenge us to understand all the mental and emotional confusion of the twin sisters Leni and Gina – both lived by Michelle Monaghan.

In the psychological thriller Netflix, the two lived their lives sharing everything: identity, personality, secrets, decisions, choices, spouses and even lifestyles. And in between constant exchanges, they built simultaneous lives that were never truly theirs. And over seven episodes, Brian Yorkey (13 Reasons Why) and Vanessa Gazy try to go much further than that question that all identical twins have heard (“have you ever changed identities?”), to reflect on how the human being is lost without a genuine and unique identity.

In the plot, the constant and annual exchanges experienced by the sisters reach a critical stage when one of them mysteriously disappears. The disappearance is accompanied by an avalanche of problems and traumas from the past, which return to haunt not only his family, but the entire small community of Mount Echo County.

echoes quickly attracts us in its first minutes, building an atmosphere of tension watered by many questions and very few answers. Raising the audience’s distrust in its inaugural episode, the miniseries remains in the shadows at its beginning, in order to draw us into the gigantic and macabre web of trauma and problems that involves Leni, Gina and those who relate to them.

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With a well-constructed plot under an interesting and inviting premise, echoes unfolds little by little for the audience, delivering single pieces of this puzzle, with the aim of confusing our perception of the facts and their protagonists. Staggering the suspense accurately, the original Netflix honors lovers of the psychological thriller genre and while it is not revolutionary, it does not let us down with its twists and turns.

Michelle Monaghan still faces the challenge of playing two very similar characters, whose behavioral differences are often very subtle and easily confused. And with an excellent performance, the star of the Mission: Impossible franchise moves very well between roles and consumes us with curiosity with each new discovery about his real motivations. Matt Bomer, Daniel Sunjata and Karen Robinson complete the cast with insight, creating a great contrast to the mental and emotional confusion experienced by the protagonist.

With a dubious outcome that can annoy the most optimistic and hopeful, the production of Netflix fulfills its role by drawing us into an intense and distressing reflection on identity and affective codependency. Presenting minor problems in its visual effects (more precisely in the last chapter), echoes is – without a shadow of a doubt – an intriguing journey, which leaves us perplexed and even more curious to know which other paths this story could end up taking.

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