Imagem de: Novo game 2D de Mario está em produção [RUMOR]

If an information ends up being confirmed in the future, Mario fans will have a new game of the mustachioed plumber to enjoy on Switch and with some very interesting news.

The leaker known as Zippo mentioned that the game in question must be fully 2D, and will not use New Super in its name (as with newer entries with this style of gameplay). In this way, this would be a different project and that would also bring an unprecedented look.

In the words of the leaker, the new game will bring “a new art style that promises to take some people by surprise”. Another point mentioned by him is the fact that this game would also have a multiplayer mode, in addition to bringing back a character known as Foreman Spike – he appeared in the 1984 game as one of the villains.

As for the release date, Zippo mentions that the project is still “quite advanced in development” and “should be completed soon”. The probability is that the game will be released between 2023 and 2024 to take advantage of the release of the Mario movie scheduled for April next year.

It’s worth remembering that there are some rumors of a new Nintendo Direct for the month of September, so Nintendo can take this opportunity to reveal this game in the best of scenarios – and in the worst, we would still have to wait longer to see what comes next.

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