New adaptation of 'The Vampires of Salem' is postponed indefinitely

Originally slated for September 2022, the new adaptation of ‘The Vampires of Salem‘, based on the novel of the same name by Stephen Kingwas postponed indefinitely.

Production had been delayed by seven months to April 2023, but has now been REMOVED from the release schedule. Warner Bros..

New information about the release of terror should be released soon.

Previously, the first teaser of the adaptation had been released on CinemaCon. Check out the full description below (via SlashFilm):

“A group of people are walking in a foggy area, looking for something – or someone. ‘Don’t you think there’s a chance he’s out there somewhere?’ a woman asks. ‘Not if history tells us anything,’ replies Matt Burke (Bill Camp).

Enjoy watching:

As the group realizes that the city has become the target of more than one mysterious disappearance, the camera cuts to a man digging a grave in the dark. Soon after, we see scenes from Jerusalem’s Lot, a city in Maine. A young child with glasses walks in the middle of the street, covered in blood. A resident is attacked from behind by a silhouette. And finally, we see the vampires.

We see a vampire on fire, a vampire facing a priest, a vampire hiding in a dark space like a closet, glimpses of Matt and the child. The most indelible sequence is the terrifying appearance of several vampires through a panoramic frame. The camera focuses on a man running down the street, alone; soon after, she steps aside when someone calls his name. When he returns, a swarm of vampires appears.”

Despite having been adapted twice before, this will be the first time that this King story will be released on the big screen.

Gary Dauberman (‘Annabelle 3: Homecoming’) will be responsible for the direction and the script. James Wan (‘The Conjuring’) will serve as producer.

The cast will feature Lewis Pullman, Makenzie Leigh, Alfre Woodard, Bill Camp, John Benjamin Hickey, Nicholas Crovetti, Jordan Preston Carter, William Sadler, Spencer Treat Clark, Cade Woodward, Debra Christofferson and Pilou Asbaek.

“Haunted by an incident from his childhood, author Ben Mears returns to his hometown of Jerusalem’s Lot to seek inspiration for his next book, only to discover that the city is being preyed on by a bloodthirsty vampire.”

The work was adapted for the first time in 1979, directed by Tobe Hooper (‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’). Decades later, in 2004, it got a new adaptation in the form of a miniseries made direct to television.

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