Nick Carter pays homage to Aaron Carter on "Hurts To Love You".  Listen!

Nick Carter released a touching tribute to his younger brother, and also a singer, Aaron Carter, who died prematurely in November last year at just 34 years old. The ballad “Hurts To Love You” features the Backstreet Boy recalling a relationship that had its tribulations, but which, at the end of it all, was marked by a lot of love.

“We all have someone in our lives that, no matter what they do and how much it hurts, you still love them. So I dealt with this issue the way I know best. In my 30-year career, this is my job. most personal ever done. A story of unconditional love and deep scars”, wrote the singer about the motivations that led him to compose the song.

Listen to the single, which also has a very emotional video:

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