Nicki Minaj lets go of the verb to defend Britney Spears after statements by Kevin Federline

Nicki Minaj didn’t mince words to criticize Britney Spears’ ex-husband, Kevin Federline, after he declared that the children of the Princess of Pop don’t want to see her and posted videos, on her social networks, in which Britney appears allegedly arguing. with her two children, criticizing her abilities as a mother.

During a live on the Amp app this Tuesday (15), Minaj defended the singer and released the verb against Federline calling him a “clown” and “coward”.

“What kind of clown do you need to be, being a full grown man, who as soon as he sees someone happy, getting married, moving on, being free and feeling good in his own skin, he does exactly what he knows can hurt them.” there?”, fired the rapper [via Page Six].

“Only cowards use the media against a famous person they once loved, sired, cared for, or were cared for, using the person’s fame as this constant prank moment. And you think you’ll escape this without karma? Do you think it’s right? Do you think anyone will feel sorry for you?” continued the voice of “Super Freaky Girl”.

“Is it over there [Britney] loves those boys more than life itself,” Minaj added. “Once you see the person feeling good and strong and confident and happy, and you don’t have them anymore, you decide to take your pathetic ass to a fucking interview. “How dare you. How dare you encourage her kids to be a part of your nonsense? When they remember that, they’ll say, ‘Why, why did we do this?’ They’re kids. They don’t know how harmful this is. But you do, you asshole. Leave her alone!”

Listen below:

Britney Spears also used her social networks, after the interview with Kevin Federline, to respond to the statements made by her ex-husband. Click here to read the singer’s full response!

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