Nintendo building in Japan calls firefighters after fire;  understand

The fire department had to respond to an emergency call from fire in one of the buildings Nintendo in Kyoto, in Japan. The situation was not serious and the fire was actually extinguished by the workers themselves before the firefighters arrived.

According to authorities, who later investigated the incident, the fire took place on the third floor and no one was injured. Only a few tables and chairs were scorched in one of the rooms. It is believed that the fire may have started due to an electronic device being charged there.

As mild as it was, the fire appears precisely at a time when Japan is facing a record-breaking summer, with severe heat waves. Some regions of the country have been experiencing temperatures of over 35°C for more than two weeks, which is well above average heat for the country.

As Nintendo employees battle heat and small fires, they work through one of the most important years for the company since the launch of switch. We recently had the premiere of Xenoblade 3critically acclaimed and is positioning itself to be one of the best JRPGs of recent years.

In addition, the company is preparing for other very important exclusive debuts that will take place later this year on Nintendo Switch. Splatoon 3 arrives soon, on September 9, while Bayonetta 3 has been confirmed for October. The producer still ties the year with one of its biggest franchises, with a new generation of Pokémon arriving in November 2022.

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