North American rapper detonates Anitta's presentation at the VMAs and Brazilian gives a sharp answer

Anitta’s presentation at the 2022 VMAs continues to be talked about. This time, for a reason not very pleasant for the Brazilian star.

North American rapper Yung Cyph criticized the singer’s show at the Video Music Awards. “These v*days are out there showing everything wide open on the internet to a few thousand people when they could quadruple their revenue doing something that involved talent and intelligence,” he wrote.

Yung Cyph continued, “But, they’re not that smart, so they disrespect any man who can help them and go looking for dicks from any idiot.”

Anitta didn’t let it go and gave a very sharp answer. “Go fuck your money and shut up. Or you can go study before you talk about me so you can understand some real shit.”

The North American rapper continued with the attacks, but this time making mea culpa. “First, my friends and family will f*ck you. Second, I’ll hit any guy you bring in. Third, I wasn’t disrespecting you (…) If you could read, I was praising you and using your video as an example of what these women might be doing”.

The negative repercussion made the rapper defend himself and say that he actually admired the Brazilian. “For the record, I wasn’t badmouthing Anitta in my tweet, I was badmouthing her using her video as an example of what these dumb bitches could be doing! I love Anitta, she’s a great example of a smart woman and talented and hardworking! Reread my tweet!”.

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