Imagem de: CEO da Nvidia diz que placas de vídeo deviam custar o mesmo que consoles

If you think the price of high-end video cards is too expensive, know that it can always get worse. At least in the case of GeForce cards, since apparently the CEO of Nvidia believes that the price of these parts should be even higher.

In a conversation with investors at the GPU maker, Jen-Hsun Huang stated that video cards should cost the same as a console of the current generation. Although he didn’t name names, the company boss was probably referring to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

For Huang, graphics cards are “essentially a game console inside your computer” and, therefore, should be valued in a similar way. That is, he thinks that the price of these cards should be equivalent to that of Sony and Microsoft consoles.

Nvidia CEO believes video cards should cost the same as consolesSource: Nvidia/Disclosure

“We’ve always believed that the average selling price of GeForce should match the average price of a console,” the CEO told investors. He further stated that the video cards were supposed to sell for around $500 (equivalent to R$2547 in direct conversion and without the addition of taxes at the time this note is written).

The Nvidia boss also believes that despite the return with video card sales have fallen following the cryptocurrency market downturn, the impact should reverse. For him, the long-term trend is that “the average price [da GeForce] go up”, then citing the idea of ​​matching prices with consoles.

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