Olivia Rodrigo makes a special appearance in Billy Joel's show.  Look!

Billy Joel’s fans who went to see him at the show he’s been doing monthly for years at Madison Square Garden in New York were in for a surprise. The veteran singer invited Olivia Rodrigo to sing two songs alongside him.

Joel announced Rodrigo as a young and talented singer-songwriter who has sold many records and won many awards, and that both he and his children love his music. Visibly moved, the young woman entered the scene and, after thanking her for her affection, sang “deja vu”, one of her greatest hits.

Anyone who’s a fan of hers knows that this song has a verse in which Joel, and one of his biggest hits, is mentioned by name (“And I bet she knows Billy Joel/Because you played her Uptown Girl”).

The singer did not miss the chance to joke about the fact and said that they would sing a song that had been mentioned in the previous song. What followed, of course, was “”, released in 1983 and one of the most enduring hits in pop history.

Billy Joel is 73 years old and since 2014 he has created the habit of doing a monthly show at MSG – the tradition was only broken during the pandemic. The singer said that as long as there is demand for tickets, which he has never shown signs of slowing down, he will continue with the performances.

He is also known for making one of the most unusual decisions ever made by an artist. After releasing “River Of Dreams” in 1993, Billy said that he already had enough material on the market and a good number of songs to play at his shows, and that no one needed another Billy Joel LP at home.

The fact is that, apart from an album of compositions inspired by classical music, in these almost 30 years, he has never released a pop music album again.

See the meeting:

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