One of the WORST FILMS in history debuts on Netflix;  Check out the reviews!

Some productions that failed in the cinema find survival on Netflix and are the biggest hit in the catalog. Now, streaming is trying to boost the film that was considered “one of the WORST in history” by critics and much of the public.

The film version of ‘cats‘, directed by Tom Hooper (‘The Danish Girl’) in 2019 is now available on Netflix.

the film received 15% approval ratings on Rotten Tomatoes and only grossed $73 millionfrom a budget of $95 million – giving an estimated loss of $113 million to Universal.

Despite the prominent names such as Judi Dench, Ian McKellen and Jennifer Hudsonthe film was considered a bomb and its visual effects won an Oscar satire.

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Article | Tom Hooper’s ‘Cats’ Remains One of the Worst Movies in Movie History

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“There is something magical about the very fact that this film exists, with all its obscene and absurd wonder, its terrible production choices and jaw-dropping bursts of talent.” (Vulture)

“Even after 110 minutes, deeply enthralling and psychedelic, it’s hard to know if you really knew anything – except that C is for ‘Cats’ and C is probably the grade this cinematic madness deserves.” (EW)

“Without the presence of a cast that strives for fun, all that’s left are images of minguard-looking people sticking their tails in the air.” (New York Times)

“When Tom Hooper’s 110 minutes of ‘Cats’ ends, the theater is dead. A lucky cat is dead. And we, the unchosen, are tragically left to live on.” (The Playlist)

“Unfortunately, this unpleasant despondency turns out to be the catastrophe everyone has been waiting for, a half-digested hairball from a movie.” (Variety)

“The film isn’t the catastrophe everyone feared or hoped for in July, but it isn’t a triumphant claim to Hooper’s vision either.” (BBC)

Golden Raspberry 2020: ‘Cats’ is the big “winner” of the awards

the composer Andrew Lloyd Webberresponsible for the musical ‘cats‘, detonated the adaptation.

“The problem with the movie was that director Tom Hooper decided he didn’t want anyone involved in the original musical. The whole thing was ridiculous.”

A tribe of cats called the Jellicles every year has to make a big decision on a special night: choose one of the cats to ascend to the Heaviside Layer and get a new and better life. Each of the cats tells their story to their leader, old Deuteronomy, in an attempt to be the chosen one.

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