Imagem de: Extensão falsa do Chrome leva malware para milhares de usuários

THE Oraclethe owner of Java and one of the largest technology companies in the world, is being sued for collect private data from hundreds of millions of its users. Furthermore, the company would selling the information from clients for third parties with billions in income.

The lawsuit says that Oracle has created a true data collection network, which can include people’s names with their addresses, location and purchase history, political positioning and online activities. Selling this information would generate a income of up to US$ 40 billion a year for the company.

While collecting user data is standard practice for most tech companies, the company would be going too far. The suit alleges that the tier being added by Oracle violates various regulatory privacy laws, not only in the state of California, but also federal laws.

How it all began

The lawsuit is being filed by Johnny Ryan, a former Brave employee and current worker at the Irish Council for Civil Liberties (ICCL). As the basis of his accusation, he uses a video that is eight years old, but which shows Larry Ellison, founder and one of the leaders of Oracle, bragging about the amount of data the company has on its users.

“It’s a combination of looking in real-time at all of their (users’) social activity, looking in real-time at where they are, including micro-locations – and that’s scaring the lawyers, who are shaking their heads and covering their eyes with hands – and knowing how much time you spend in a specific aisle of a specific store, and what’s in that aisle of a store,” says Ellison at the 1:15:30 moment of the video.

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