'Orphan 2: The Origin' SURPRISES and opens with 77% approval on RT;  Check out the reviews!

Orphan 2: The Origin‘ is one of the most anticipated sequels of the year, at least as far as horror movies are concerned, as the first, released in 2009, ended up becoming a fan favorite over the past decade. Bringing an ending to blow your mind, ‘A Orfã’ remained in the public’s imagination for a long time, which always demanded a sequel.

In the case of this second film, which is now directed by William Brent Bell (‘Boneco do Mal’), we will learn about the childhood and origin of Esther, a character played by ISabelle Fuhrmanwho poses as a child to be adopted, but is actually a woman.

The new feature has already been seen by international critics, who have evaluated the production positively, thus debuting with 77% approval on the rating aggregator site, Rotten Tomatoes. We then separated some reviews that gave a preview of how the film will be.

Check the partial score and the evaluations in question:

“’Orphan 2: Inception’ rocks! It is clear that the talented directors did not want to imitate the previous film. The second is wittier, smarter, and just plain awesome, injecting new life into his spooky toddler formula. Take a sip before you see!” Fresh Fiction

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“’Orphan 2′ is a smart, punctual film that fits perfectly into what the first film created over a decade ago.” collider

“Long live Esther!” slashfilm

“Deliciously over-the-top and a little silly, it’s a horror comedy that’s hard not to like, even if it doesn’t live up to its predecessor.” starburst

“A film that understands its own absurdity, being much better than the first, and rightly so.” The Wrap

“It works like an Esther prequel, but manages to feel so uniquely independent thanks to some great, one-off changes to the narrative.” IGN Movies

The film will be released in national cinemas on september 15th.

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