Park Beyond bets on giving more creativity and choice to players

Officially announced in 2021, Park Beyond aroused the curiosity of fans of games focused on building and managing amusement parks. One of its big promises is to give players more room for creativity rather than just offering fixed-format attractions for you to put on a big, empty lot.

Last week, the game’s publisher, Bandai Namco, gave us access to an exclusive demo of the game, with which we were able to get a brief idea of ​​what to expect from Park Beyond launching on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series in 2023. !

More tools for creativity

A project by studio Limbic Entertainment (the same team behind Tropico 6), Park Beyond demonstrates right from the start that it’s not just interested in the traditional gameplay we’ve seen in theme park games in the past. In the demo we tried out, one of the great emphasis was precisely the mechanics of building a completely modular roller coaster with no fixed format. It was possible to tweak its angles, height and curvature so that it would be exactly the way we thought was best or most bizarre.

The interesting thing was to do it all in a city with buildings, houses, mountains and flowery parks around us than in a simple uninhabited field. Of course, in the final version, you’ll be able to assemble all your creations without necessarily having to deal with these obstacles, but it’s also a lot of fun to have to think of creative ways to build a park while dealing with the limitations that present themselves around you. .

Another touch that should really please those who enjoy titles of this genre is the possibility to walk through their creations after they are ready. You have several viewing options, and the first person ends up being the most interesting for those who have always been curious to know what it would be like to ride the roller coasters you built in this type of game.

Finances are waiting for you too

Of course, a good game focused on setting up amusement parks wouldn’t be complete without all the staff management, finances, attraction maintenance and visitor care. Park Beyond will have separate sections for you to take care of each of these aspects, which will obviously bring a higher level of complexity to the game.

That’s not to say you’ll need to worry too much if you just want to have more casual fun with the title, but they are aspects that will give you more chances to delve into the gameplay if it’s something you enjoy and want in management games. The important thing here seems to be that the player has the freedom to create his dream park, but that he can also have access to objectives if he prefers to follow a more linear and focused path.

This brings us to the various characters you’ll encounter as you build your parks in Park Beyond. We only got a taste of what they will represent in the final game, but it was enough to see that these NPCs will serve both to teach newcomers to management games and to help even veterans when it comes to setting up new attractions, dealing with finances. or with employees and visitors.

As the game bets a lot on silly humor (in a good way) and absurd constructions, you can expect these characters to also behave in a more unusual way. Fortunately, everything matches the cartoonish look and the happy soundtrack that the game presents, so none of this is out of the tone that the title proposes. Of course, we’ll only know how all of this will best fit into its official release, but everything we’ve seen makes us pretty excited and looking forward to seeing Park Beyond in 2023!

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