Imagem de: Pentiment é um projeto de paixão da desenvolvedora Obsidian

Among the great releases of this end of the year, Pentiment certainly deserves to get on the radars of players interested in enjoying good narratives that are very different from everything else we see out there! At Microsoft’s invitation, we attended a press conference with more details about Obsidian’s next project, and you can check out all about it below!

A very creative premise

First of all, the coolest thing is that we won’t have to wait much longer to play it on our PC, Xbox Series X/S or Xbox One, as Pentiment has been confirmed for release on the 15th of November. And its origin is also quite different from the usual, as this is a rare fruit of a studio that had complete freedom to work on whatever it wanted.

At least, that’s what the renowned director Josh Sawyer assured us, smiling from ear to ear, saying that this was “a true and ancient passion project, the fruit of our love for studying history”. The focus, then, is both on the story with a capital “H” and on the story that the small team intends to tell to captivate players.

We speak of a small team because, according to Josh, not many Obsidian resources were used for development, with just over a dozen employees working to make the game a reality. Here, in the control of the protagonist Andreas Maler, we need to talk and explore a lot to solve a series of crimes for more than 25 years in the Duchy of Bavaria.

simple and affordable

According to Josh, the idea is that the adventure is quite pleasant and does not offer great challenges, making it possible for any player profile to complete the journey without major efforts, just enjoying the beautiful art style inspired by medieval Illuminations. Thus, you will be more engaged with dialogue and moral choices than anything else.

As the title will be available for download day one for all Xbox Game Pass subscribers, and considering the high level of quality of Obsidian’s other projects, we are very optimistic to test how this project made with so much love and affection will turn out!

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