Physical media games with a progressive discount of up to 20%

Invest in physical media games it may be more expensive, but it’s a great deal for collectors and also for reselling them if you get tired of the game or change consoles.

Even with the high investment value, physical media games are still quite popular, and can often be found with promotional pricesparticularly a period after the release.

Currently, Submarino has an unmissable promotion for those who collect games. with the coupon ACCUMULAGAMES you guarantee a progressive discount on several games for Playstation and Xbox, being 2 games with 5% OFF; 3 games with 10% OFF; 4 games with 15% OFF and 5 games with 20% OFF.

The campaign is valid until noon on 08/08/2022, or until the first 300 orders. So be sure to visit the site and check out our game suggestions below:

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