"Pipoco", Ana Castela's hit, completes a month as the most played song in Brazil

“Pipoco (Part. Melody and Dj Chris no Beat)”, Ana Castela’s viral hit completed another week, the fourth!, at the top of the chart with the 25 most played songs in Brazil published by Billboard. The single also ranks first in the Spotify ranking of the most listened to in the country.

The ranking did not have much news compared to the last one released. In the top 10, only the shot of “Casei Com a Putaria (With MC Ryan SP)”, by MC Paiva, which shot from 22nd to 10th place, is worth noting.

There were two premieres: “Melodia Alucinógena (with DJ Darge & MC Niack)”, by DJ AK BR, entered the list at 21st position and “Trigger”, by Matheus and Kauan, at 22nd.

The top 10 looked like this:

1 – “Pipoco (Part. Melody and Dj Chris no Beat)” – Ana Castile (same position)
2 – “Ai Preto (with Biel Do Furduncinho, part. Bianca)” – L7NNON (same position)
3 – “Fala Mal de Mim” – Gusttavo Lima (up two positions)
4 – “Vento Forte” – MC Jacaré (up four positions)
5 – “LITTLE DOGS” – Luisa Sonza (dropped two positions)
6 – “Te Amo Demais” – Marília Mendonça (dropped two positions)
7 – “Bandido (part. MC Mari)” – Zé Felipe (same position)
8 – “Haja Colírio (Part. Hugo and Guilherme)” – Guilherme and Benuto (up three positions)
9 – “Tem Cabaré Essa Noite (with Nattan)” – Nivaldo Marques (dropped three positions)
10 – “Casei Com a Putaria (With MC Ryan SP)” – MC Paiva (up 12 positions)

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