"Pipoco", by Ana Castela, is for the fifth time at the top of the ranking of the most listened to songs in the country

For the fifth week in a row, “Pipoco (Part. Melody and Dj Chris no Beat)”, by Ana Castela, was at the top of the ranking of the most listened to songs in Brazil, published every seven days by Billboard. The single also continues to dominate the Brazilian Spotify charts – both daily and weekly.

The list also had two premieres, the best of which was “Coração Cigano”, a partnership between Luan Santana and Luísa Sonza, in eighth position. Further down, in 24th place, is “Cheiro de Balada (Part. Gusttavo Lima)” by Hugo and Guilherme.

The top 10 looked like this:

1 – “Pipoco (Part. Melody and Dj Chris no Beat)” – Ana Castile (same position)
2 – “Ai Preto (with Biel Do Furduncinho, part. Bianca)” – L7NNON (same position)
3 – “Haja Colírio (Part. Hugo and Guilherme)” – Guilherme and Benuto (up five positions)
4 – “Fala Mal de Mim” – Gusttavo Lima (dropped one position)
5 – “Casei Com a Putaria (With MC Ryan SP)” – MC Paiva (up five positions)
6 – “Vento Forte” – MC Jacaré (dropped two positions)
7 – “Te Amo Demais” – Marília Mendonça (dropped one position)
8 – “Coração Cigano (Feat. Luísa Sonza)” – Luan Santana (debut)
9 – “LITTLE DOGS” – Luísa Sonza (dropped four positions)
9 – “Termina Comigo Antes” – Gusttavo Lima (up one position)

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