Imagem de: PlayStation: ports para PC podem exigir uso de conta da PSN no futuro

Increasingly adept at the strategy of expanding the public with the launch of its main exclusives for the computer, Sony seems to be getting ready to also increase the number of people registered in the PlayStation Network. At least that’s what an update posted on the company’s website indicates.

In a new question and answer (FAQ) section made available on its official website, Sony has indicated that in the future it may be necessary have a PSN account to play PlayStation games on PC. The revelation was added to the area of ​​the website dedicated to informing players interested in purchasing PlayStation titles on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

In the FAQ section, the company gives some answers that seem to be definitive, stating for example that the trophies of your PC versions of games will not sync with your PSN profile. On other occasions, however, the message passed seems to indicate that changes regarding the use of PlayStation Network accounts on the computer are coming.

For example, in the question about needing to use a PSN account to play PlayStation titles on PC, Sony’s answer says that “currently it is not necessary to have an account” on the service to play PlayStation Studios games on PC. The company also states that it is “currently” unable to transfer PS4 or PS5 save data to titles released on PC.

The keyword in these cases is “currently”, which seems to be a strong indication that some things should change in the future — at least as far as the requirement to use a PSN account for PlayStation Studios PC games is concerned. Games like God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Days Gone and Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered yet do not require PlayStation Network login in their versions released for PC.

On the green side of the Force, Microsoft requires Xbox Live login on several Xbox titles released on Steam. In the case of the green rival, however, there is synchronization of achievements between all platforms, including PC, consoles and xCloud).

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