Imagem de: PlayStation Tournaments terá Beta no PS5 nas próximas semanas

Last Tuesday (23), the network was taken by surprise with the disclosure of some information regarding the PlayStation Tournaments system on PlayStation 5, discovered by a member of the ResetEra forum known as modiz.

According to information released, the tournaments page is available in only a few languages, but it already gives an idea of ​​how the system will work. Initially, it is possible to say that it will have a Beta test in the next few weeks, on a date to be announced later by Sony.

How will it all work?

The page dedicated to tournaments on PlayStation 5 informs you that you will be able to access these competitions in areas such as the PlayStation 5 Control Center (you can activate this area directly with the PS button whenever an eligible game is open) or the Game Hub.

Fictitious example of competition key. (Source: Sony/Disclosure)Source: Sony

Sony also guarantees that registrations will be made in a very simple way, as well as the formation of competition keys. If a given tournament has many participants, several keys will be created to house all the players, ensuring a reasonable length of time for all matches.

A frequent schedule of competitions is also planned, as well as automatic reports on the progress of each tournament. Another important point is that Various prizes will be offered to competitorswho will have equal chances to fight for them regardless of their skill level.

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