Imagem de: Pokémon Go ganha curta oficial em estilo terror de found footage

pokemon go remains a highly successful game, and this week we had the close of Go Fest 2022 with Ultra Beasts appearing for players! To commemorate the occasion, the game’s Japanese YouTube account posted a fun-loving video. found footage. Check it out below!

After three months of festivities, the Niantic and the The Pokemon Company decided to release some surprisingly effective horror shorts at the time of showing how bizarre it would be to find these real creatures in our world, and the clash between images of reality with these creatures moving abnormally is very effective at causing fear and disquiet .

Nothing more natural if we think about how good Japanese horror movies are, right? When it comes to scaring, they know very well what they do! You can even imagine the potential of more short films like this, since they still lacked showing several of the existing Ultra Beasts. For now, what we saw there was just a bunch of Nihilego, Pheromosa and Xurkitree.

But what about you, how would you feel if you found such a real monster out there? Would you be happy or would you run away scared? Tell us on Voxel’s social media!

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