Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will have new Terastal transformation mechanic

After a long wait, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet won a new trailer during a presentation this Wednesday (3), introducing several new features that will be in the games. One of them is the Terastal, crystallized versions of the little monsters that will bring a new dynamic to combat.

Every Pokémon will have the ability to transform through the Terastalize mechanic — which works similarly to Mega Evolutions in X/Y and Sword/Shield’s Gigantamax. By performing it, the little monster will gain new appearances, improved attributes and, in certain cases, even different types than the user normally has.

A Pikachu, for example, can gain the Flying type, elevated by crystal balloons — a reference to a version of the mascot that has appeared in several titles in the franchise. This and other examples can be seen in the highlighted section of the presentation below.

To perform the transformation, the player must use a Tera Orb, which needs to be recharged by touching special crystals or visiting a Pokémon Center. The skill can be used once per battle and will be kept until the end of combat.

Finally, Terastal Pokémon can also be found in Tera Raid Battles, special events that will take place throughout the Paldea region. In them, up to four players can team up to face these special creatures and even capture them at the end.

The operation of these battles is similar to the Max Raid Battles of Sword/Shield, with one difference: each player can act in their own time, without a defined order, being more similar to the Raids of Pokémon GO in this sense.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet will be released on November 18, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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