Potential New Hollywood Stars – 10 Young Actresses to Keep an Eye On

The world of entertainment and the arts has never been more necessary than when we go through the pandemic crisis of covid-19. And when we talk about the world’s largest entertainment industry, Hollywood, the mecca of American cinema remains the land of dreams. With the advent of streaming platforms, cinema is no longer the only source for films, on the other hand the industry has gained an exponential increase in productions – whether in high quality series (many more full-bodied than many feature films) or films aimed directly at the home audience. This heats up the market creating millions of jobs and making the economy spin. On the other side of the canvas, he also creates several new artists all the time, many of whom are elevated to the position of new star of the moment. Just following this line, we have separated a list of ten young actresses who arrived kicking in the door with the promise of becoming big names in Hollywood. Check them out below and keep an eye out, we guarantee you will still hear a lot about them.

We start with this year’s Best Supporting Actress Oscar winner. The 31-year-old, of Puerto Rican descent, had appeared in productions such as Hamilton and The Graduation Party (both 2020), until winning the spot as Anita and enchanting the world in the remake of Love sublime love (2021) captained by Steven Spielberg. It was thanks to the movie that Ariana DeBose took her Oscar and rose her status in Hollywood. The actress, representative of the LGBTQI+ community, soon got a spot in the fourth season of the hit series Westworld, released this year. And soon will be in argyllemovie about a super spy with Henry Cavill and Bryce Dallas Howard; and will play the character Calypso in the adaptation of the Sony/Marvel comics, Kraven – The Hunter – which is scheduled to debut in 2023.

Speaking of the remake of West Side Story (Amor, Sublime Amor), he was very good at revealing yet another young actress who promises to give the talk. But different from Ariana DeBose (who had already performed other important works as an actress), the girl Rachel Zegler21 years old, was handpicked by the director Steven Spielberg after a battery of tests with thousands of applicants. Zegler got off on the right foot starring in a super production in his first screen work. And it won’t be her fifteen minutes of fame, since this year she took off at the last minute to participate in the blockbuster Shazam! Gods Fury, from Warner. Next year things get even better, with the meat and blood version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (in which she plays the title character), from Disney; the derivative of Hunger Games (The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes); and the voice in the animation spellboundfrom Apple/Paramount.

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Hollywood is indeed a dream factory and participation in a movie can be enough to open the doors to stardom for an actor or actress. Of course, depending on the reception of this work and the performance of the interpreter. Not to mention having the right agent to “put you in the right place”. In this way, all that was enough for the young Portuguese actress Daniela Melchior25, was to appear in the role of Ratcatcher 2 in the movie The Suicide Squad (2021) and steal the show. And that in a film that featured Margot Robbie in the role of Harlequin. The Portuguese woman thus secured a new job with the director James Gunnin Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3; on the tenth Fast and furious handpicked by Vin Diesel; and in the new thriller of Neil Jordan entitled marlowe – all three planned for 2023.

the british Daisy Edgar-Jones, 24, started his career six years ago. It may not be much, but it is necessary to take into account the young age of the actress and the relevant works that she already has on her resume – such as the miniseries Normal People (2020) and the series War of the World (2019-2021). In the movies, the girl’s big revelation was in the great and underrated thriller freshbeside sebastian stan, shown this year at Sundance and available on Star Plus. Jones also launched the miniseries In the name of God (Under the Banner of Heaven), in which he acts alongside Andrew Garfield. Other than that, it has just been released in US theaters, the thriller A Place Far Away From Herewhich adapts a book, and has been drawing praise from fans.

the trans actress Hunter Schafer is definitely a name to pay attention to. In addition to the obvious reasons, of being a highly representative personality, Schafer has been collecting good projects and standing out more and more in his career. Her boom, of course, occurred in the excellent youth drama euphoria (2019-2022), in which the trans student Jules lives, and is a romantic pair with the sensation Zendaya. Showing that Hollywood doesn’t just make mistakes, Hunter was hired for what will probably be one of her biggest releases, the aforementioned new episode of the franchise Hunger Games – in which he will play the character Tigris Snow. Other than that, she will also star in the horror movie cuckooalready in the post-production phase.

Speaking of musicals with strong appeal from Latin culture, here we have another young actress revealed in a film of this mold. the mexican Melissa Barrera got the big break of her career in 2021 by playing Vanessa in the much-anticipated musical In a New York Neighborhoodbased on the Broadway stage work written by the multifaceted Lin-Manuel Miranda. Before that, the 32-year-old beautiful actress had only participated in productions in her own home country. Warner’s overproduction was his gateway to Hollywood cinema. And after that it was a step towards taking off the role of Sam Carpenter in the hit panic 5 this year. Now Barrera prepares to launch the Netflix miniseries, Breathe!, at the end of July. For next year the girl has triggered the musical Carmenin which the title character will live, already in the post-production phase, in addition, of course, to be filming panic 6 also for 2023.

the franchise Panic demonstrated great diversity in its most recent and fifth episode. That’s because he cast two Mexican actresses in the leading roles of the Carpenter sisters. Above we talk about the oldest, Sam, lived by Melissa Barrera. And here comes the interpreter of the unlucky Tara, Jenna Ortega. The 20-year-old is actually American, but the daughter of Mexican and Puerto Rican parents. Ortega has been working since 2012, and has participated in small roles in very famous films such as Iron Man 3 and supernatural 2. In addition to series like Jane the Virgin and You (You). But it is undeniable that his big revelation was in panic 5 this year. After that, the actress has already released other horror films, see X – The Mark of Death and Horror at Studio 666. In addition to also recording panic 6 at this moment, a project of yours that has been drawing a lot of attention is Wednesdayreimagining of The Addams Family by the hands of Tim Burton to Netflix in the form of a live-action series. Ortega plays the protagonist Wandinha Addams.

Coming back to In a New York NeighborhoodWarner’s musically successful super-production also served to reveal Leslie Grace Besides Melissa Barrera. The 27-year-old Dominican girl is actually a singer and with the aforementioned film she had her first role as an actress playing Nina Rosario. Now, Grace took off her second job as an actress, funded by the same Warner. But what a role it was! Leslie Grace snatched up nothing less than the chance to become the new batgirl on the screens. Little is known so far about the production and not even if it will be released in theaters or if the film will be released directly on HBO Max as initially planned. What we do know is that it has the direction of the same people responsible for Bad Boys Forever (2020) and who also directed some episodes of Ms. Marvelfrom the competing studio, and which counts on the return of Michael Keaton in the role of Batman. That would be enough to get everyone’s attention. but we still have JK Simmons reprising Commissioner Gordon and Brendan Fraser living the villain.

the french Emma Mackey she has few works as an actress, but she will soon be a well-known face on the screen, if she isn’t already. The 26-year-old gained notoriety with the series sex education, from Netflix, where Maeve lives. That’s all it took for her to land the hotly contested role as Jacqueline de Bellefort in the new version of death on the nile this year, with Gal Gadot and directed by Kenneth Branagh. This year, the actress will live her most challenging role, which could earn praise and who knows awards, like the writer Emily Bronte, an important author of feminist thought, in a homonymous biographical drama – which will be distributed by Warner. But don’t think it’s over. Because Mackey is the newest addition to the cast of the much talked about movie from Barbiewith Margot Robbie and Ryan Goslingon paper not yet released – a film also by Warner.

Finishing the list, but not least – on the contrary, we left the best for last – we have our very Brazilian countrywoman, straight from Duque de Caxias, in Rio de Janeiro, to Hollywood and the world. Having started her career as a little girl in Globo’s soap operas, Bruna Marquezine grew up and appeared, becoming one of our biggest stars today. The girl decided to export her talent and it worked very well. One of the important steps towards this was the series Maldives, by Netflix, an excellent showcase of our products to the world – after all, at our fingertips we can check out productions from all over the world. Thus, the actress was able to make her big leap into a 100% gringo film. But it’s not just any movie, it’s a US$120 million super-production by Warner about the DC superhero, Blue Beetle, in which Marquezine will live the character who is paired with the hero. The film also features the veteran Oscar winner Susan Sarandon as one of the villains. That’s moral.

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