Pre-recorded base "disappears" during Anitta's show, who plays with the situation.  Look!

Last Saturday (27), Anitta went through a little trouble in the show she was doing inside “Garota VIP”, the festival created by Wesley Safadão, which took tens of thousands of people to the Olympic Park, in Rio de Janeiro. It was during “No Chão Novinha” when the pre-recorded instrumental base that was being used simply “died” in the middle of the performance.

The crash happened when the song was only 30 seconds old. “Oh, what a delight!”, joked the singer. “What happened, my God? We’ll be back.” A little less than a minute later, the situation was controlled and Anitta was able to resume the song. The final third of the show went on without any more problems.

See the moment of the crash (the full song is on YouTube):

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