Press X for Trophies: game satirizes easy PSN platinum

For some time now, the PlayStation Network has been invaded by several easy games that apparently have the sole purpose of propagating the obtaining of trophies, especially platinum. And, apparently, players are not the only ones aware of this, since soon we will have a title that ironizes this situation.

In recent days, a project called Press X For Trophieswhose proposal is… well, to offer an easy trophy (or something close to it) for the player as a way of criticizing the entire system present in the network of Sony consoles today.

“Games are generally made to be challenging, well, at least they used to be. These days things are a little easier. Press X For Trophies is a game made to help spread the word about how things should change and how the world of games is changing. It’s a little ironic, and the story is told through its trophy system.”

Will Press X For Trophies really come to life on PSN? (Source: PS Store/Reproduction)Source: PS Store

So far the title does not have a release date (and we don’t even know if it will actually be released), but the team responsible for its creation already allows the addition of the title to the wish list on the Sony store.

And you, what do you think of this whole situation and the proposal of this new game? Share your opinion with other readers using the social networks of voxel.

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