Imagem de: PS4 vendeu mais que o dobro do Xbox One, confirma Microsoft

The purchase deal Activision Blizzard Microsoft has been yielding very interesting results thanks to CADE (Administrative Council for Economic Defense), a Brazilian body that makes public all the documentation sent by the parties, including an admission that the PS4 sold more than twice as much Xbox one. Understand next!

Thanks to CADE’s transparency, we now know that Microsoft Gaming told national authorities that “Sony has surpassed Microsoft in terms of console sales and total number of players, more than double the number of Xbox One units sold. in the previous generation”.

That is, even though the company never reveals its total number of consoles sold, we now know that the Xbox One sold less than 58 million units, as the total number of units sold of the PlayStation 4 is about 117 million.

Although this seems at first to be a strange argument, boasting the greatness of the rival, in fact the lawyers’ strategy makes a lot of sense, since Microsoft intends to demonstrate that the purchase of Activision Blizzard King will not guarantee it an unfair advantage, further arguing that thanks to brand loyalty, it has to face a Sony that is ahead in the “console wars”, in its own words.

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