Imagem de: PS5 ganha camuflagem cinza para o console, controle e headset

Sony has announced a new color collection for the PS5: “Grey Camouflage”. Gamers interested in the color pattern can have a complete set to hide in very specific places, buying a DualSense controller, a Pulse 3D wireless headset and new console cover covers.

The announcement of the new color was accompanied by a short advertising video, only 30 seconds long. The three products are highlighted with the new gray color and its ability to camouflage in backgrounds exactly the same as the standard brought in the control, headset and coverage. Covers are available for both the digital version and the BluRay drive version of the PS5.

As the PlayStation LifeStyle website notes, the use of the word “collection” may imply that the products were advertised as a bundle, but make no mistake. Each of the new gray camouflage items are sold separately, as evidenced by the YouTube video description.

The gray camouflage “collection” will launch worldwide on October 14th, with pre-sales starting on September 15th. People in the US and Europe, as usual, have the upper hand, and will be able to buy the collection in advance via PlayStation Direct.

While new color and flavor options come to PS5, Brazilians are still worried about the possibility of a price increase on the console. The video game became more expensive in several countries, but not in Brazil, but the most pessimistic (or realistic?) fear that this price freeze here is only temporary.

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