Record!  Nintendo Switch sells over 111 MILLION units and surpasses Wii

It was revealed this Wednesday (03) by Nintendo that console Nintendo Switch surpassed the mark of 111.8 million units around the world, thus surpassing the sales of the Wiileader of the seventh generation of consoles.

After releasing a financial report, the company detailed that 3.43 million units were sold in the last quarter of the year alone. While still relatively high, the number represents a 22% drop from previous quarters.

In this way, the switch appears as Nintendo’s third best-selling console in history. Below you can see the complete ranking:

DS — 154.2 million
Game Boy — 118.69 million
Switch — 111.8 million
Wii — 101.63 million
Game Boy Advance — 81.51 million
3DS — 75.94 million
NES — 61.91 million
SNES — 49.10 million
Nintendo 64 — 32.93 million
GameCube — 21.74 million
Wii U — 13.56 million

O Nintendo Switch is a hybrid video game console, the main system contains the tablet”switch Console”, the module “switch Dock” and the two “Joy-Con” controllers (right and left), the rubber bands called the “Joy-Con Strap”, the gamepad holder called the “Joy-Con Grip”, the power cable and the HDMI cable.

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