Redfall wins video with details of the story and gameplay;  check out!

Bethesda released a 20-minute video during the QuakeCon Event giving a little more detail about Redfall. The explanations about the new title are given by Harvey Smith, director of developer Arkane; Ricardo Bare (creative director); Karen Segars (art director) and Aaron Carter (producer).

According to the team involved in the project, the game is a narrative-based open-world FPS that can be played alone or with a team of up to four players in cooperative mode.

“Redfall is a result of our effort, what Arkane does well and a hybrid of a first-person game and roleplaying game,” said Smith. In this scenario, players will battle against vampire enemies that are lurking around the city. Check out the video of the conversation with those responsible for the project below:

Bare said the game is the most ambitious in Arkane Austin’s history and that he particularly thought of the project as a tabletop RPG. “The reason I like to make the kind of games we make is because I like to play those kind of titles,” he revealed.

Segars said that the game’s city, which is called Redfall, is not like large metropolises. Even though it is the largest world ever built by Arkane, she said that people will feel more inland and that walking the streets will be different depending on the time of day, weather and that “there will always be apparitions”.

The lead producer commented on the importance of Redfall’s narrative and how the developers paid attention to the construction of the world, as the objective is to transport the player to that environment.

Redfall gets a new trailer focused on action and exploration

Redfall was promised to be released for XBox in 2022, but like Starfield, it was postponed to 2023. So, are you looking forward to hunting vampires in this world? Leave your comment on Voxel’s Twitter!

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