Imagem de: Resident Evil 3: Jill ganha cosplay impecável com Railgun em tamanho real

There is no doubt that cosplayers are capable of amazing work, and the network never tires of receiving examples in this sense. One of these recent cases is that of Annie Graves, who this week released a really cool montage portraying Jill Valentine of Resident Evil 3 Remake.

The montage you can see below was shared on Twitter last Tuesday (16). In it, we can see the character holding the iconic Ferromagnetic Infantry-use Next Generation Railgun (or just FINGer Railgun for those more intimate). It has gigantic dimensions, measuring 2.74 meters across its entire length.

Check out the work below:

If you like cosplays related to Capcom’s zombie series, take the opportunity to check out some other works we have here on voxellike this one featuring Ada Wong in a jaw-dropping look.

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