Review |  365 Final Days – Brochante, Trilogy Ends Without End and Without Making Fun

Definitely one of the most controversial films of the pandemic was ‘365 days‘, which brought the story of a woman who was kidnapped by an Italian mobster who simply fell in love with her, and, as the days went by, she fell in love with him. The film revolted therapists, feminists and sexologists around the world. Then came the sequel, at the beginning of 2022entitled ‘365 Days: Today‘, which basically had no story and was a compilation of lavish scenes from a porn cheap with whispers muffled by loud music, and this angered the audience even more, who waited to find out if the girl had survived the accident on the cliff. now the Netflix launches the promised final part of the trilogy, called ‘365 Final Days‘, which, despite the title, does not bring an end to the saga.

After surviving the assassination attempt, Laura (Anna-Maria Sieklucka) returns to live in the mansion of massive (Michele Morrone), who has her under maximum surveillance for fear that nacho (Simone Susinna) reappears and the two start a war between the mafia families in Italy. But so much control is suffocating Laurawho decides to take a break from all this and walk away with her best friend, Elena (Blanka Lipinska), to Portugal, focusing on his work as a stylist. But getting away from it all isn’t enough for Laura, who can’t get her mind off the affectionate time she spent with nachoand now she must make a final decision about who she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

The good thing in ‘365 Final Days‘ is that, unlike its predecessor, this film has history. Okay, she can be bad, but well, there are dialogues, acting scenes, different locations, plots that want to go somewhere, etc. It seems silly, but in such a controversial project, every small victory must be celebrated.

Despite having a story, the screenplay of Barbara Bialowas, Tomasz Mandes, Tomasz Klimala and Blanka Lipinska (By the way, the feature is based on her books, who came to Brazil last month for the São Paulo Book Biennial) really only cares about inserting the book’s plot in luxurious settings with all the best and the best, in an attempt to compensate in the production for what it lacks in history. And just like in the previous films, this one also abuses in certain points. It gives the impression that the writers have a good idea and decide to slam it into the production as much as possible, repeating it until they get tired. This is how, in this one, most of the scenes take place at sunset, for example, even when it was supposed to be daytime; is that massive becomes excessively asshole, just to make nacho legal, becoming a gratuitous bully, drug abuser, and taster of women as if they were objects; and that best friend, Elena (which is actually played by the author of the book), more than a comic relief she becomes an annoying, vexing drunk, unable to enter the scene without knocking things over and making idiotic comments. Because?

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At least the whole thing, despite the story being bad, is well directed by Barbara Bialowas and Tomasz Mandesespecially the (few) sex scenes, which also include an alleged ménage of the protagonists and music very similar to the voice of anita on the beach scene; despite not appearing in the credits, the Brazilian singer posted a photo with the handsome ones on her instagram.

Despite the slight improvement, ‘365 Final Days‘ is broaching. It does not bring an end to the saga with no head or tail of the characters and relegates to the spectator the choice of Laura. That is, it is a lot of investment to, in the end, not make us enjoy.

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