Review |  45 of the Second Half – Tony Ramos SHINES in Exciting and Moving National Drama

Not all stories are happy. Although we human beings are always looking for such happiness, the truth is that most of our time we spend just existing, repeating movements and actions, building or destroying relationships and plans, but in the end, most of us you feel satisfied with the life you’ve had, despite one thing or another we wish we had done differently. Life is this cycle of stages that we go through, but in fiction, in audiovisual, things are different. There is a demand that cinema and literature, for the most part, be positive, happy, joyful, light, even if not all human stories are all the time colorful. In a much more human and sincere approach, this week premieres in theaters the drama national’45 of the Second Half‘.

Pedro (Tony Ramos) just lost Pepperoni, his dog and companion for years. This happens on the same day that she is denied a loan by the bank because of her age and her restaurant is banned by the health surveillance. That same day, too, he is reunited with his old school friends, Ivan (Cassio Gabus Mendes), now a successful lawyer, and Mariano (ary france), who, to everyone’s surprise, became a priest. After the meeting, Pedro he gets nostalgic and makes an important decision: after the end of the football championship – and certain that Palmeiras will become champions – he will kill himself. So he calls his friends to let them know the decision, in the hope that, for the next few days, they will be able to share moments of joy and nostalgia about their youthful past.

At the argentine cinema, French and Spanish the gender of drama is very successful. Productions with similar mottos to ‘45 of the Second Half‘ have a good reception among the more adult audience, so why would it be different in Brazil? The Spanish ‘live twice‘ figured for a long time among the most watched in the Netflixwhile the French ‘untouchables‘ to this day sets an audience record. In the same vein, the script of Vinicius Calderoni, Rafael Gomes, Luna Grimberg, Laura Malin, Leonardo Moreira and Luiz Villaça builds a comic drama, or drama, centered on the male universe of the elderly with characters from São Paulo who live in the urban capital. Through the protagonist’s reflective journey, the viewer is invited to look more generously at this generation of gentlemen who had a super strict upbringing and full of phobias, and who today are parents and grandparents in a free and technological world that does not wait for the rhythm. their.

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The beauty and simplicity with which the three characters are built is moving, especially the character who Tony Ramos delivery to the public, with a lot of ownership of their choices without, for that reason, being sad. There is some relief, in fact, in having control over the one thing we have no control over in life. The chemistry between the three actors makes even the heaviest moments light, with clever and very sincere dialogues, which make you laugh even in inappropriate situations. Because that’s life.

With a passionate direction of Luiz Villaça and a lot of metaphors (the duality between religion and football, the 1970s bus ride and breathing in the stadium scene), ‘45 of the Second Half‘ is a beautiful and touching film. It makes you laugh and cry, and will probably captivate the hearts of those who watch.

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