EXCLUSIVE: Watch a clip from the thriller 'A Place Far Away From Here' Starring Daisy Edgar-Jones

It is unanimous: the novel ‘wetland‘ became one of the biggest hits of the Rede Globo, even being an adaptation of a previous version. There are many characters that make people’s minds: the pawn Trinity and his pact with the cramullion, the Maria Bruaca and female strength to put an end to domestic violence, and, of course, Juma Marruá, the woman who turns into a jaguar and doesn’t take any insults home. The truth is that if we leave the urban centers and enter the interior of the countries, we find many Jumas scattered around, living and surviving despite the world. And the story of one of these ‘Jumas‘ hits theaters next week in the movie ‘A Place Far Away From Here‘.

In the 1950s, in quiet Barkley Cove, surrounded by swamps on all sides, lives the family Clark. They live in an isolated house on the banks of the marsh and away from the city. The father, (Garret Dillahunt) is a violent guy and starts attacking the family. So the mother (Ahna O’Reilly) decides to leave, and gradually all the other three children leave too, except Kya Clark (Jojo Regina). With the passage of time, the father also leaves, and the little one is completely alone, being forced to have to learn to get by. It is at this time that she meets the little Tate (Luke David Blumm) and the couple Mabel (Michael Hyatt) and hop (Sterling Macer Jr.), grocery store owners. This is how more than ten years pass in the life of Kya (Daisy Edgar-Jones), isolated from social life, becoming a kind of local legend in the city, called “A Garota do Marsh”. Everything was going well in the young woman’s life, until a murder occurred in the city and the local police blamed her for what happened.

A Place Far Away From Here‘ is one of those delicious films that you don’t even see the time pass, such is the resourcefulness of the script by Lucy Alibar, building engaging scenes that sew the plot very competently, developing the characters and the story at the right time. It helps a lot, of course, that the story is based on the book of delia owens (released in Brazil by the publisher intrinsic), and the book has participated in the book club of Reese Witherspoon, who is the executive producer of the feature. Thankfully, because the actress’ commitment to making this project a reality made all the difference for the story to gain the necessary support.

And it’s really a very moving story, which deserved to win the big screen. the direction of Olivia Newman employs feeling in each sequence, getting the best out of its cast that prints the right feelings so that the viewer is very clear on who they should like. The aerial shots in nature, exploring the shadows and lights, the movement of animals, all this is transposed in the film in an immersive and involving way, transporting us to that world of Jumas Marruás living alone in the middle of the woods fighting for the simple right to be left alone by young, lions and company.

With unreleased music by Taylor SwiftA Place Far Away From Here‘ it smells like Oscar, mixing drama and suspense in a well-constructed and human story. Take your tissue to the movies.

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