Review |  Amor e Gelato – Netflix Teen Romance Is So Bad, Even Landscapes of Italy Can’t Save…

There’s one thing every book fan knows: we shouldn’t get attached to a book we really like, because if the copyright is sold, we run the risk of being disappointed if the thing is not done well. And there are not a few examples of great stories that have won the audiovisual format in truncated projects. Unfortunately, ‘Love and Gelato’released by Netflix these holidays, is another example that falls on this vast list of poorly adapted productions.

Lina (Susanna Skaggs) is a young teenager who has just finished school, at the same time that she lost her mother to cancer. Alone in the world, she decides to do her mother’s last wish: go to Italy, retracing the steps her own mother had taken when she was young. Unwillingly – since Lina is an introverted young woman who only cares about reading and has never had much of a social life – she makes the trip to Italy, hoping to get to know this mother a little more. However, once there, she is handed her mother’s travel diary, and she begins to discover parallels between her own travel experience and her mother’s, especially in terms of love.

Based on the book namesake of Jenna Evans Welchlove and gelato‘ is one of those romance movies Teenager trying to bring a kinda vibeUnder the Tuscan Sun‘ but the result is a smorgasbord of disconnected situations and fragile continuity, which require the viewer to skip steps in the story and simply accept the characters’ actions without question. The typical mistake of a screenplay that wants to adapt a book without worrying that a feature film has another format, and therefore cannot simply take the story and film it, without developing a context that optimizes the plot to fit a hour and a half of film. Result of lack of experience of Brandon Campwhich, although responsible for the success ‘The Dragonfly Mystery‘ (2002), does not demonstrate mastery in literary adaptations for the audiovisual.

The same goes for Brandon Camp as director of this project, whose result proves that the director did not guide his actors to show feelings and expressions consistent with what the characters should be feeling. Thinking that the age group of this cast should be between the ages of eighteen and twenty-something, it is strange to see the actors aesthetically interpreting these characters with the air and resourcefulness of thirty-somethings. In addition, the protagonist’s involvement with the two kittens who will fight for her heart – the rich man Lorenzo (Tobia De Angelis) and the cook alessandro (Saul Nanni) – is so superficial, so lacking in depth, that it is impossible for the viewer to create any connection with them, let alone hope for a happy ending.

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The book ‘love and gelato‘ was a hit with young readers, but its film adaptation is a complete fiasco. Not even the fact that it was filmed in Italy this is a positive point, as there are few open-plan scenes or scenes shot in tourist spots, being reduced to almost only scenes of transition of statues. Ie, ‘love and gelato‘ It’s one of those examples that it’s better to read the book than see the movie.

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