'Cobra Kai' Should End With Movie TRILOGY, Says William Zabka

Josh Hurwitz managed to turn an 80s classic into a surprising meeting of generations, where past and present face each other on and off the mats. Snake Kai has become a rarity amid numerous remakes, reboots and long-awaited sequels to popular films. Bringing back the most powerful cultural influences of the 80s, the series brought a different freshness to an icon that marked the childhood of the millennial generation. And more current than ever, the production returns with a mind-blowing 5th season, which proves that many amazing and fun stories still come from this creative source.

Taking itself seriously, but not so seriously, the series that was originally born on the late YouTube Red streaming (now YouTube Premium) crosses the borders of the feud between Johnny and Daniel. Now on the same side of the confusion, both will join Chozen, another iconic character from the Karate Kid trilogy. And taking full advantage of the rich source material that the films of John G. Avildsen let, Hurwitz and its creative team revisit the past, transform old scenes into symbolic and sensitive flashbacks and are not afraid to expand their young cast, highlighting new voices that promise to grow even more in Season 6 (which needs to happen!).

Challenging our own understanding of how far Hurwitz could extend this narrative so rooted in a franchise launched over 30 years ago, the showrunner proves that he has many cards up his sleeve and a vast array of subplots and plot twists that can easily surprise us. And further exploring the complex psyche of psychopath Terry Silver, Snake Kai returns more mature, a little denser, but without ever losing the lightness and good humor that made it one of the most enjoyable and beloved series today.

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Playing with generational contrasts from a characterization that remains hilariously cartoonish, the series reiterates how much Johnny Lawrence is indeed at the heart of the plot. Full of internal conflicts and owner of a sensitivity made up by a thick-skinned uncle from the 80s, he is always the highlight on the scene and more than ever becomes the half of Larusso. And the more we see them on screen together, the more we fall in love with the insane journey that Snake Kai traced since its season.

And with the game pieces moving at a fast pace, Season 5 moves in a dynamic, extremely evolutionary and full of much more elaborate and cinematic fight scenes. With excellent choreography, the hand-to-hand combats are even faster and more electrifying, exceeding the audience’s expectations. And with the return of a beloved and sought-after character, the series delivers its best season to Netflix subscribers.

And amid excessive mannerisms, exaggerated caricatures and an almost novelized format that borders on the cheesy, Hurwitz proves that the original Netflix It still manages to be much more than a comedic allegory of an ’80s classic. Using contemporary youth as a catalyst for the best of 80s pop culture, the series is one of the rare occasions when Hollywood really gets it right in rescuing a franchise. from the past so loved and marked in the lives of moviegoers. Communicating brilliantly with generations that currently clash culturally and politically, Snake Kai it’s a point of contact and balance where everyone can have fun in a light and unpretentious way – while maintaining that ideal attachment that makes us want to come back each new season.

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