Review |  Ela e Eu – Star+ invests in National Drama Distribution with a Large Cast

Since the disney announced the purchase of the company 20th Century Fox, years ago, the company’s productions were gradually being divided between content from Mickey’s house and content from the former Californian company, now a subsidiary of the former. And the same happened with the productions aimed at the respective streaming platforms – DisneyPlus and StarPlus –, which were divided according to the target audience of each of them. So, the Starplus/Fox at the Brazil ended up showing much more attention to national productions, releasing practically a novelty per month in Brazilian cinemas, the most recent novelty being the dramaShe and I‘, which hits theaters across the country on the 21st.

bia (Andrea Beltrão) is a rocker who, during the delivery of her daughter, Carol (Lara Tremouroux), ended up having a complication and fell into a coma. However, twenty years passed and, even though she was in a kind of catatonic coma (since she was at home, not in a hospital, being cared for normally, without medical devices), bia he remained with his eyes open, but not reacting to the world around him. One day, however, she simply awakens to the world that awaits her. Even without being able to react properly and needing to relearn how to reproduce basic everyday movements – such as walking, talking and eating -, bia she begins to understand that the people around her are important to her in some way, even though they have changed aesthetically. At the same time, her husband Carlos (Eduardo Moscovis), his current partner, Renata (Mariana Lima), her caregiver, Sandra (Karine Teles), and your daughter, Carolneed to relearn how to live with a bia active again in their lives.

Less than two hours long, ‘She and I‘ draws the delicate nuances between the plans we make for our lives and what life actually happens to us. From this impossibility of being so binary, the intersections of the script of Gustavo Rosa de Moura, Leonardo Levis, Andrea Beltrão in collaboration with Eduardo Moscovis, Mariana Lima, Larissa Kurata and Luisa Arraes: human relationships are not made to be closed in patterns, and the multiple possibilities of existing in society is what makes our collective living so much lighter, despite social rules.

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Starting from this affective premise, the direction of Gustavo Rosa de Moura part of the observation of the caregiving group of bia for, in the second half of the feature (that is, from the awakening of the character), the focus changes and begins to accompany this mysterious and unknown person who belongs to the nucleus of this family that felt complete, even though the “subject” was present in everyone’s daily life for the last twenty years. However, these surveys are interpretative, because ‘She and I‘ doesn’t define its approaches even in the title; the self in question can be any of the characters in the feature, and the way they deal with this “she” that suddenly crosses them.

In productions like ‘She and I‘ it’s good to see the chemistry of a heavy cast that needs to appear more often on the big screen also given the power it delivers in dramatic and current plots. A film to watch and reflect on contemporary times.

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