Review |  Evil Twin – Terror with Teresa Palmer hits with Surprising Ending

Who likes the genre horror always has the feeling of having seen it all. It is a difficult audience to please, as both the characters and the story cannot be too far-fetched, otherwise, you run the risk of having your suspension of disbelief questioned by the viewer. and look at that Hollywood has tried, and hard, to bring some freshness to this field. So, to the delight of fans of horror movies, distributors have turned their eyes to productions from other countries – feature films that can entertain their demanding audience while the bloody blockbuster franchises don’t get anything new. Thus, among the good news coming to the circuit, this weekend the Finnish feature ‘evil twin‘.

In the plot, we know the story of a family disgraced by a terrible tragedy in the recent past: Rachel (Teresa Palmerin ‘I’m the number four‘) and Anthony (Steven Cree) lost one of their children, Nathan, in a horrible car accident. In an attempt to turn the page and resume their lives, the two decide to sell the house in New York and move back into the family home of Anthonyat Finland. At first, the two think that the new air will be good for the surviving son, Elliott (Tristan Ruggeri), but gradually Rachel begins to notice unusual behavior in the boy, connecting him back to his deceased twin brother.

In just under an hour and fifty, the viewer will be able to follow the evolution of the story of ‘evil twin‘ without major elaborations, in a linear and continuous crescent, reaching its apogee in the final third of the feature, which is, in fact, the best part. This is one of the however in which the feature film Taneli Mustonen ends up slipping: the rhythm, which imposes itself very slowly at the beginning and accelerates at the end, causing the balance of balance to tip, running over itself in the end. A strategy that could avoid this feeling in the audience would be the best development of key scenes of the plot, which do not go into depth and whose editing is perforated, impatient for the spectator to assume the situation that occurred without necessarily immersing in it, cutting it out. at the height of the event.

On the other hand, we have good performances from both the main cast and the supporting cast, with actors whose facial expressions cause fascination and inconvenience in those who watch. The highlight is the young Tristan Ruggeriwhose enigmatic countenance allows the story’s impact to extend beyond the script of Aleksi Hyvärinen and Taneli Mustonen. An actor to keep an eye on for upcoming projects.

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Intriguing, ‘evil twin‘ doesn’t have a lot of jump scare, but it delivers an honest little horror that surfs the Nordic vibe of ‘midsommar‘ and the like. the scenes of horror are few, coming down almost entirely to the final third, but the story construction is mesmerizing, making the feature one of the best releases of the genre this year so far.


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