Review |  Family Vacation – Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg in Generic Comedy style 'If Drinking Don't Marry'

You United States has a strange characteristic in its culture: to think that the moment a man or woman marries and forms a family, life is over. Turns and moves this theme is once again the subject of blockbuster movies and series produced in Hollywood, who say how much the family routine sucks and the glorious moments of singleness must be rescued so that the person can be or return to being happy. It’s strange, but it’s a message that is often conveyed in many films, especially those of comedysuch as the new release of NetflixFamily Vacation‘, which arrived this weekend for subscribers.

Sonny Fisher (Kevin Hart) is an exemplary father of a family and home owner. He is involved in everything in the lives of the children and the household: taking them to school, making their lunch boxes, participating in the students’ freshman show, organizing the extracurricular activities, while his wife, Maya (Regina Hall) is a successful architect working for the renowned investor arming (Luis Guerardo Mendez). When your best friend, Huck (Mark Wahlberg) calls, calling him to his 44th birthday party, after 3 years without seeing each other because of the pandemic, sonny says he won’t find him, because he needs to travel with his family on the weekend. Although, Maya decides that she should take this trip alone with her children, to reconnect with them, since she only lives for work, and encourages sonny to go to the party Huck. What no one expected was that the events of the weekend would get completely out of control.

Mixing a lot of comedy, pop references and devious concepts propagated in the American industry, ‘Family Vacation‘ takes all of that, throws it in a blender and comes out the other side like a colorful, unhealthy mush. The film is well produced – it brings together a strong cast and also counts with the unbelievable participation of the singer seal –, with a millionaire budget – it has a scene with boats, car destruction, decorated bus, mansion and a lot of extras – and quite solar, with many open shots that take advantage of the daylight to add color to the adventure of the pair of friends.

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The thing is that all of this is decoration in a film that reuses insights from previous successes. All the festive core of sonny and Huck is a reuse of what went right in ‘If You Drink Don’t Marry‘ and ‘Neighbors‘, with scenes literally copied, only with the characters wearing hoodies a la ‘round 6‘. Written and directed by John Hamburg (producer of ‘Entering an Even Greater Cold‘), the long one fails in the teaching part, in the comeback of the characters who, supposedly, should find a balance in their lives. The script ends up giving importance to elements (such as the jealousy of sonny by the wife’s boss), in order not to resolve the tantrum in depth in the end, which gives the impression that all the mess that the protagonist makes is literally authorized in the end, because there is no conflict equal to the things he does. . His inconsequences have little or no consequence, and it’s not quite like that in life, right.

With an excess of scenes of poop, fart and wrong pranks with animals, it is even difficult to accept characters almost fifty years old behaving as if they were fifteen years old. ‘Family Vacation‘ has its comic moments, but its story is as shallow as a bank statement at the end of the month.

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