Review |  Good morning, Veronica: Season 2 delves into sensitive topics and softens the strongest scenes

Instant success on her debut in Netflixthe Brazilian series Good morning, Veronica turns the saga of a stubborn and incorruptible police officer into a heady Hollywood adventure. His journey, which at times brings the air of an action thriller atomic, made such a complex and delicate theme the main aspect of his narrative, still using some artifices of the horror genre to scale the grandeur of the traumas arising from sexual abuse and domestic aggression. In its new season, the production created by Raphael Montes it goes even further and harshly criticizes religious leaders who abuse their influence to support their demonic agendas.

Trying to find the real bosses of that mafia that takes advantage of orphaned children and fragile women, Veronica (Taina Müller) comes across Matias (Reynaldo Gianecchini) and his perfect wife and delicate daughter. Leader of a sect that mixes Christianity with Spiritism, he is a glamorized version of João de Deus, a charlatan who used his religion as a technique of persuasion, dissimulation and abuse. And over the course of six episodes, we witness the narrative of this “unremarkable” family intersect with the personal and professional dilemmas of the protagonist herself, who is faced with the hard decision of having to give up her children, to try to save so many other girls without father and not mother.

And as we are confronted with the tough and sometimes controversial decisions of this flawed protagonist, we see even more of ourselves in her struggles. Idealistic but also tough, she is the face and voice of countless survivors of rape, pedophilia and domestic assault. And while the topics covered are even more painful to follow, hills and his team of writers took the bold decision to preserve the sensitivity that exists in these very traumatic cases, being more subtle and suggestive when it comes to pointing out the various crimes denounced in each episode. Giving up the more graphic violence we witnessed in Season 1, the original series from Netflix assumes the responsibility of laying bare the facts, without needing all that graphics from the past.

With an exemplary cast, the new episodes of the production highlight the powerful performances of Camila Márdila, Müller, Gianecchini and klara brown, which shine on screen and absorb us in their dilemmas and conflicts. With more natural performances, the protagonists take us to their psycho-emotional limits, inviting us to an even more immersive and heartbreaking experience. With excellent melee confrontations, the new episodes know how to balance suspense and action well, leaving room for small twists that further spice up the narrative and anguish our senses.

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Still preserving the integrity of the actress klara brown – which surprises in a sensitive and painful performance to watch, the new cycle still reinforces its enormous technical quality of editing and editing, which loses nothing by Hollywood standards. with the support of Netflix, the series shows the grandeur and potential of the art developed in our country and reiterates the importance of telling our stories, with our culture and our social context to the world. Engaging and with direct connections to the previous season, Good morning, Veronica it doesn’t fit without a knot and bravely walks towards a promising future, which promises an explosive combination of new denunciations and astonishing cases. Now it’s hope that Veronica finally has a good day with the announcement of its 3rd season.

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