Review |  House of Hammer exposes Armie Hammer's drug, rape, corruption and cannibalism history

The digital age has helped to blur that line that separates the famous and powerful from the rest of the population. In a time when everyone seems more careless – often exposing their lifestyles, habits and tastes on the internet – unmasking public figures has become something of a social fascination.

Among exposés of youtubers and influencers who preached #StayHome and pierced the pandemic and other controversies and bombastic revelations involving great artists, what was once so speculated about the secret lives of celebrities at the height of the Golden Age of Hollywood, today has become a curiosity easily discovered in a quick Google search. With more access to information and the ability for everyone to have a voice, harrowing stories like Armie Hammer’s have gone from insane fake news to “this could have really happened.”

EHDare of Hammer: Family Secrets comes to streaming Discovery+ as the fruit of a spark that ignited in a mysterious Instagram account called House of Effie. Initially anonymous, the profile brought together stunning accusations of rape, cannibalism and emotional abuse involving one of the most beautiful, desired and talented men in Hollywood.

Coming shortly after confirmation that the sexual abuse allegations against Justin Bieber were false, the cultural scene was not so convinced that Hammer would be capable of such atrocities. But the emergence of new testimonies made the raising of eyebrows of public opinion inevitable. And in the face of so much scrutiny, a question echoed inside and outside the virtual universe: Would it be Armie Hammer a cannibal abuser?

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Although there are many accusations and several very graphic text messages involving his name, it is necessary to say that everything is still seen as speculation and allegations. With investigations still ongoing and without any indictment of Armie Hammer, it is not possible to attest to its real criminality. Still, it’s impossible to turn your back on the painful countless revelations made by Courtney Vucekovich, Paige Lorenze and Effie.

AND House of Hammer tries to understand who the artist has become, looking at his ancestry and the ostensible history of the patriarchs of his house. Elli Hakami and Julian P. Hobbs make their documentary miniseries a clinical analysis of the root of evil, seeking information and little big secrets that involve oil tycoon Armand Hammer and all his offspring.

And even without any convictions – except for the proven assurance that Armand was involved in the Watergate scandal and that he manipulated everyone around him with ostensible surveillance and bribes – the documentary is an important experience, as it takes us into the halls of an eccentric family apparently forged in domestic aggression, corruption, drug abuse and sexual, physical and emotional violence. Showing that no one is born bad, but becomes perverse from their upbringing, we gradually managed to understand the origins of so much misogyny stamped on explicit messages sent by Hammer. With valuable information that flags a red alert for anyone, the production attempts to piece together a puzzle of all the traceable little pieces left behind by Armie Hammer over the years.

In addition to bringing to light his private Instagram account, where he shamelessly shared his drug abuse, dangerous sexual practices and disturbing behavior, the miniseries seeks to give a voice to the alleged survivors, who, between tears and insecurity, expose some of their lived experiences. next to the handsome actor.

Their testimonies are validated by Casey Hammer, granddaughter of Armand Hammer, survivor of rape by her father Julian Hammer and aunt of Armie Hammer. Recounting her own experience as the black sheep of the family – which she decided to expose the men of her house in a previously unknown biography – she is not surprised by the accusations and understands from what source. armie drank.

An eyewitness to a succession of mischievous behavior, she is the only conscious one inside a home that looks like a caricature of the Roy family from the series. Succession. And over three hour-long episodes, the Discovery+ miniseries satisfies our curiosity more than it actually answers our questions. Incomplete because it is solely based on allegations, this is not the definitive documentary about today’s most controversial actor.

Emerging from the hype of all the confusion surrounding his name, he is a genuine opportunity for alleged victims to have the support and security they need to share their traumas. Anguished and with serious indications that the accusations are true, House of Hammer: Family Secrets it’s still a wake-up call today that no disgusting Hollywood secret will remain hidden for long. May this serve as a lesson for those who still practice their evil deeds in the shadows of impunity.

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