Review |  My Love Album – Gabriel Leone Returns to Starring Musical Biography

In the last decade the national cinema has turned his eyes with great interest to musical biopics. Personalities from the music world who were or are still successful became the focus of national production companies, so that the public was graced by an avalanche of films about singers and musicians from the artistic scene, such as Pixinguinha, Tim Maia, Elis Regina and Erasmus Carlos. But there are also variations within this style, such as the musical dramaMy Love Album‘, a work of fiction that will hit theaters across the country from this week.

Julius (Gabriel Leone) is a young man in his early twenties who works as a dentist and has his life more or less decided, since, since the death of his father, everything indicates that he will inherit his post in the office where he works with fabian (Olivia Torres). But his life changes completely after his fiancee Alice (Carla Salle) decides to end the relationship for no apparent reason and Philip (Felipe Frazão) appears at his house suddenly, telling himself to be his half-brother and that his real father would be a popular music singer named Odilon Ricardo (Gabriel Leone), and not that dentist. Confused about the big turnaround in his life, Julius you will rethink your own behavior and evaluate new possibilities for your life plans.

My Love Album‘ closes the director’s sentimental hearts trilogy Rafael Gomeswhich started in 2018 with ‘45 Days Without You‘ and followed in 2019 with ‘Music to Die in Love‘ – which, by the way, circulated through drive-ins during the pandemic. With an hour and forty duration, the feature is a beautiful artistic production by Bionics Films, which is reflected so much in the photography, with its camera positioning framing the set, which gives an immersive setting in the 1970s although the story is contemporary; in the costume, handpicked so that Gabriel Leone incorporate both father and son into this story; in the scenography, with objects chosen punctually to contrast the reflective and present environments of the protagonist, which alternate throughout the film.

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The original music composed by Arnaldo Antunes packs the loves and dislikes of the fictional character Odilon Ricardo in the script of Vinicius Calderoni, Rafael Gomes and Luna Grimberg, while the two children go through their father’s past in an attempt to find out who the musician’s true love would have been. To this end, the father’s trajectory is mixed with the personal journey of Julius, a privileged boy who doesn’t even know how to crack an egg on his own. The distance between both worlds creates an absurd abyss between the newly discovered father and the protagonist, but, at the same time, it points out how much our love experiences are packed by songs that, deep down, are cheesy, and therefore, touch us in a special place in our hearts.

With an experimental air that mixes the scenic dramaturgy with the audiovisual, ‘My Love Album‘ ends the sentimental trilogy as the best of the three productions, making a cut of a generation lost in so many possibilities of loving and emerging Felipe Frazão as a great dramatic comic actor.

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