Review |  No!  Do not look!  – Jordan Peele subverts expectations in a film that feels like an episode of 'The Twilight Zone'

In his directorial debut, Jordan Peele managed to revolutionize suspense cinema with the spectacular ‘Run!‘ (Get Out), bringing one of the most thought-provoking scripts of recent years and mixing social criticism with horror. The result was simply astonishing, turning the film into a critical and public success.

His second film, ‘We‘, was also right to bring a thought-provoking twist, which, despite not being so acclaimed, won over the audience and received good reviews.

With two incredible first films under his belt, the writer-director now delivers ‘No! Do not look!‘, with the difficult mission of meeting expectations. But instead of following Hollywood’s maxim of always making movies bigger and more expensive than previous ones, Peele subverts expectations and delivers a movie smaller in scale as well as in ideas.

No! Do not look!‘ is interesting in what it sets out to do, but may disappoint those who expect brilliant twists tangled up in social criticism. It’s a simpler story, without major twists, which achieves more by being told through the director’s brilliant point of view than by its plot itself. It’s a movie, but nothing compared to its previous ones.

The plot, which is very reminiscent of an episode of ‘Beyond imagination‘ follows two brothers who run a horse ranch in California and discover something wonderful and sinister in the skies, as the owner of an adjacent theme park tries to cash in on the mysterious and supernatural phenomenon.

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Over the course of 2 hours and 10 minutes, peel knows how to hold the audience’s attention with extremely tense sequences and unimaginable moments, giving the production’s fantasy and dark tone.

In addition to the characteristic witty dialogue and a peculiar humor, peel it also delivers inspired direction with swanky photography and impressive technical quality.

We also have an all-star cast. Daniel Kaluuya (‘Run!’) lives the protagonist, but seems to always be living the same character. Who shines are the supporting actors: Keke Palmer (‘Scream Queens’) is brilliant in the role of the co-protagonist and Brandon Perea steals the show. Already Steven Yeun (‘The Walking Dead’) stars in one of the film’s parallel plots, which despite not seeming to fit the story, is what gives the film rhythm and brings more suspense.

No! Do not look!‘ is a technically flawless film that knows how to hold attention. It’s a crazy trip, worth more for the trip itself than the final destination. Those who don’t expect to be surprised again by Peele’s brilliant twists are sure to enjoy it, but anyone who is too thirsty for original ideas and a revolutionary ending may be disappointed.

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