Review |  Nothing Suspicious – Comedy Suspense Series from the Writers of 'Go That Cola' is a Month-End Relief

The end of the month has arrived, and the salary has been over for a long time, isn’t it? Despite the sun outside, the best way is to stay at home, marathoning some movies and series on streams to rest your head as you can’t even leave the house. If it’s entertainment for fun you’re looking for, the Brazilian series ‘nothing suspicious‘, which debuted a few days ago on the Netflix and is already appearing among the top 10.

Jorginho Peixoto (Paulo Tiefenthaler) is a millionaire on the eve of turning 50, and to celebrate, he decides to invite the three women in his life to the party. This is how his current wife, from whom he is separating, appears in his mansion, Patricia (Fernanda Paes Leme), her brother, Mauritius (Rômulo Arantes Neto), the family’s lawyer, and her masseuse, Xandra (Gkay); his current girlfriend, the evangelical Thyellen (Thati Lopes), and his musician brother, Raul (Cezar Passion Fruit); and your ex-wife bete (Maira Azevedo), who takes her daughter with her jorginho, Yara (Gi Uzêda), his brother, Here there (Silvero Pereira) and his mother, Zanina (Dhu Moraes). Bothered by the situation, the people began to complain, however, the butler Washington (Eliezer Mota) accommodates them in separate rooms. While waiting for dinner with explanations, they find darlison (Raphael Logam), brother of bete and Here there, who is working as a cook at the mansion. However, Jorginho is murdered, and from that moment on, everyone becomes a suspect in the detective’s investigation. Charles Nunes (Marcelo Medici).

From the same writers of the series and the movie ‘Go That Glue’nothing suspicious‘ is one of those reliefs that you turn on the TV and let it go without having to worry about wacky theories to follow. mixing thriller with comedythe nine episodes of little more than thirty minutes each intersperse the two genres in a very Brazilian way, in the style of the comedy show on multishowcontrasting different nuclei of society – the rich, the poor and the religious/evangelical – in which all the characters have their little secrets to hide.

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The idea of ​​’nothing suspicious‘ is pretty compelling, but at nine episodes it’s kind of tired. Perhaps the filmic format would work better for the story, which ends up dragging on unnecessarily. the script of César Amorim, César Rodrigues and Leandro Soares presents the whole plot in the first part, so that the belly in the middle of the season gets bigger than acceptable, giving the feeling that it has no story, because the suspect can only be revealed near the end. To fill in, there are entire chapters with various nothings, putting the group at times in harmony, at times in disagreement due to social differences and the interests of each one. If it dried up that medium, it would make a good nonsense movie, like the equally comic thriller ‘Detective Madeinusa’who surfs the same vibe.

Directed by César Rodrigues and Eduardo Vaisman (‘Together and Tangled‘), the series highlights are the blue hurricane Silvero Pereirawhich makes us end up talking like a Bahian, and Cezar Passion Fruit, whose character is so clueless, it seems natural within the context. Recorded and thought about during the pandemic, you can understand that this type of production was a safe solution to produce entertainment at a time that we didn’t know yet to come. For those who enjoy loose laughs, it’s a series to ease the end of the month without thinking about the boletos.

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