Review |  Samaritan: Stallone's First Superhero Suffers But Has Good Intentions

It is undeniable that the public loves a good redemption story. And when accompanied by the classic hero’s journey, it becomes even more captivating. In the last years, Sylvester Stallone has relied on exactly this premise in his projects, trying to invite the audience to a reflective conversation about the duality that exists in human character – the infamous confrontation between good and evil and the loneliness complex of a man hardened by the past. Samaritan aims precisely at this sensitivity, at the desire to humanize supernatural heroic figures. But even though the feature directed by Julius Avery mean well, he suffers from being too blasé. With a script that could have been written on a napkin and the depth of a saucer, the film is a beautiful unfulfilled promise.

AND stallone try. Exhaling his unbeatable brucutu charisma, he delivers the service and enjoys living a recycling of so many of his other characters. Its dynamics with Javon Walton invites us into the story and tries to bring us closer to both from their paternal connection, but the script of Bragi F. Schut does not contribute. Weak and full of holes, Samaritan is an incomplete sentimental vision of a topsy-turvy superhero. With catchphrases that seem to navigate a sea of ​​somewhat random scenes, the production is supported by the tired premise of redemption, but without adding the necessary spice to keep us invested in the story.

Formulaic and with mushy reflections and already seen in dozens of previous films, Samaritano tries to communicate with the audience by touching on a common point, but never goes further to convince us. Bringing villains with empty and generic motivations, the film seems to have been made only to honor the desire of Sly live his first superhero in theaters, delivering an average, repetitive and disappointing result. With very weak and poorly executed visual effects, the climax of the film leaves us adrift. And while the choreography of the fight scenes is realistic and exciting, the lack of whimsy on the editing table makes production an exhausting experience. We wait for something that never comes.

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With a poorly made and well-punched montage, the film is full of clippings in its arcs, leaving the final result strange, even in the face of such a simple plot. With holes in the script, many loose ends and lack of context, Samaritan could be much better, could take advantage of the clichés of the heroic genre to build its own universe and could expand its depth in the family relationship generated between the protagonists. But preferring to stay in the obvious, the film ends up being a compilation of stereotypes amidst the action scenes.

But still, it is undeniable that stallone always draws us close, even in his worst movies. His long love story with the Brazilian public – from his classics so reprized in Sessão da Tarde – made him a darling. And so the original Amazon Prime Video it’s not a totally lost adventure. With its essence in the right place and with an excellent dynamic between Sly and javon, the film manages to deliver the minimum viable and can easily please action fans and, especially, the actor. With much beating and little blood, Samaritan It’s definitely not the superhero we expected from our iconic brucutu…But good or bad, that’s what we have for today.

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