Review |  Soul - Netflix's Supernatural Suspense Series Has Bodies and Mysticism Swap

In the last decade, audiovisual creators have rekindled a vein that had been dormant: stories starring young people. They realized that it was possible to tell the same stories that were given to the adult cast for younger protagonists, precisely in order to conquer an audience thirsty for consuming all kinds of audiovisual content, as long as their age group is in the main roles. And then anything goes: mixing genres, giving autonomy to minors, messing up the timeline, etc. Surfing this wave, the Spanish series ‘Soul‘ arrives at Netflix already jumping to the top 10staying there since its debut last week.

In a remote place in the Spanish countryside, a group of students enjoy the last day of their last school trip together, as they are about to graduate. Soul (Mireia Oriol), deva (Claudia Roset), Martin (Javier Morgade), Tone (Alex Villazan), cornerstone (Marta Belaustegui) are super friends, but they’re not ready to say goodbye or reveal their intimate secrets. During a game of truth or dare, Soul ends up kissing Toneand this arouses the jealousy of deva, who goes out at night without giving satisfaction. The next day, as they board the bus back home, the young woman appears distraught, but her friends are unwilling to listen. But the way back is dangerous and covered by a dense and mysterious fog, which seems to hide something in the white shadows. When the bus has a serious accident and half of the young people perish, Soul wakes up in the hospital with no memory, and will need to remember who he is and what happened to his friends.

With nine episodes of approximately fifty minutes each the series’Soul‘ has that irritating, unknown ingredient that keeps you watching, even if it’s not all that good. Perhaps because the concept created by Sergio G. Sanchez mix the legend of therion (which, in Greek, means “beast”) with young protagonists and put this demon to take possession of the bodies of these teenagers, working on the idea of ​​transferring a soul to a different body – all of this, of course, soaked in thrillermysticism, horror, crime and an unresolved love triangle.

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From this concept, the Teresa de Rosendo and Paul Pen remains conservative in its format, with up to half of the season starting with an off-screen narrative from Therion’s story until the narrative and the fictional present coincide, so that the viewer can go it alone from there. However, for this, the story comes and goes frequently, inserting characters and historical data that hinder rather than help, since the explanation is not linear.

Even so, ‘Soul‘ is a fun series to watch, with a sequence of plot twists in the second half of the season. For the anxious, you can understand the whole story by watching the first two episodes and going straight to the seventh, which is what explains the great mystery of the whole thing. For a Spanish production that doesn’t include any previously known faces from that country’s other pop hits, ‘Soul‘ is a well done series, with a nice ending that, if not renewed, at least delivers a closure for those who watched the entire season.

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