Review |  The Voyage of Peter is a cinematic experience that portrays the intimacy of the imperial family

The Brazilian imperial period until today arouses a lot of curiosity for our population – and even abroad, since there are still many people who do not know that in Brazil Portuguese is spoken as an official language. Although the theme and the historical period have already been covered a lot (and almost exhaustively) in the format of a historical soap opera on open TV, little of this theme was taken to the big screen. Contrary to what had been brought to the Brazilian public, ‘Peter’s Journey‘ is an immersive feature film, which could be seen by the public beforehand during the Rio Festival 2021 and the São Paulo Film Festival 2021 and is scheduled to open in Brazilian cinemas in 2022.

The year is 1831. The then Emperor of Brazil, D. Pedro I (Cauã Reymond) is forced to return to the Europefor his brother. D. Miguel (Isaac Graça), threatens to seize the throne of Portugal for himself, since the Portuguese themselves would be disgusted with the abandonment of the royal family to Portuguese territory. Because of this, D. Pedro I embarks on an unplanned trip, quite hastily, and leaves behind not only the great love of his life, domitila (Rita Wainer), but also his son, D. Pedro II, who stays in Brazil alone, still a child. But this trip, which is more of an escape than a walk, will awaken different perceptions in the monarch’s imagination.

At about an hour and a half long, ‘Peter’s Journey‘ is no ordinary movie. the production of Laís Bodanzky does not obey the known narrative patterns, creating a film that is a kind of fictional documentary. Since the imperial and colonial period are known to the Brazilian people almost entirely from the written records made by Europeans and their descendants (rescued by researchers and historians), but whose details do not reach the general public even during the school period ( there’s not even time, there are many subjects to study), by bringing a part of Brazilian history, even with the freedom of fiction, the director does a great service to the country, illuminating this cloudy episode of the imperial period.

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Written by the director, ‘Peter’s Journey‘ is an experimental film that mixes different filming and narrative techniques, sometimes going to the theater, sometimes documenting, sometimes still floating in the phantasmagorical, fantasy and mysticism, in a clash between whiteness and imperial pride. Cauã Reymond strips the emperor of his countless surnames and delivers a confused, paranoid protagonist, on the verge of an outbreak, sick and willing to cling to African-based religions to shield his destiny. And who said it wouldn’t have been that way? On top of that, he still plays with his real-life daughter, Sofiawho makes a brief cameo in the film.

Peter’s Journey‘ is a cinematic experience that lives up to the anticipation generated since the announcement of its shooting. With an air of super production, but with a low budget and partnership with the Navy, the feature helps to deconstruct the image of the perfect and untouchable imperial family, fortunately placing it among the world of mortals.

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