Roblox now has 15% cashback gift cards at PicPay Store

Buying credits on Roblox just got easier than ever! After all, the PicPay announced yesterday (2) the launch of new Gift Cards that can be used in up to ten purchases by each CPF entitled to 15% cashback on purchases of up to R$ 100!

This initiative was planned for our market based on the fact that Brazil is the second country with the most creators and developers within Roblox, which already has more than 11 million experiences created by its passionate community. Only the US has an even bigger and more active base than ours!

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Thus, Blackhawk Network Brasil partnered with PicPay to launch these gift cards designed for our market in R$25 or R$100 versions, making them the simplest and fastest way to acquire Robux digital currency.

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In addition to roblox, PicPay Store also offers cards for you to use in Nintendo games, and even in other hits like League of Legends, Free Fire and Valorant. To make a purchase, just have a PicPay account and then open the PicPay Store app on your favorite device, and then complete the purchase of the product you want using your wallet balance or a credit card!

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