Rosa Salazar is suspected of killing her fiancé in the trailer for the series 'Between Weddings';  Check out!

O Star+ released the official trailer for ‘Between Weddings’a romantic thriller comedy starring Rosa Salazar (‘Cherry Flavor Revenge’).

The series premieres on september 08 on the streaming platform.

Check it out, dubbed and subtitled:

The series is directed by George Katewith a script signed by Oliver Lyttelton. The season will consist of eight episodes.

Enjoy watching:

The series tells the story of Katie and Stefan, who fall in love with each other at a wedding and begin to have a romantic affair, despite Katie already having a fiancé. Two months later, at Katie’s wedding, her husband and the entire family are murdered. The police believe Stefan did this. Stefan thinks Katie did it. And nobody knows what the truth is.

Gavin Drea, Jade Harrison, Jamie Michie, Callie Cooke, Bhav Joshi, Ioanna Kimbrook and Omar Baroud complete the list.

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